I firmly believe that my job is one of the most important there is - I have the responsibility (and privilege) of capturing some of the most important moments of your life! That is why I take a storytelling perspective with my photography; I want more for you than photographs of stiff poses and uncomfortable smiles. I want you to be able to look through your photo albums in 50 years and remember exactly how you felt the day they were taken. 

Why Small Red Thread? .There's a folk tale found in many different cultures involving a "red thread of fate". They all vary a bit, but the basis is that we are all born with a red thread tied to our finger. That thread pulls us to places we need to be and people we need to meet. Over the years the threads might tangle a bit, but they also weave a picture; the picture of our lives, Now, I'm a firm believer in free will, but I also believe that we are just meant to experience certain things or meet certain people; and those are the moments I photograph. 

your life captured on film

- Lily+Luke

I can't say enough good things; her style is unique and natural, her pictures end up absolutely beautiful, she's fun to be around. 

- Katherine+Kody

Tamara was so amazing! she has a beautiful style that was exactly what we had pictured when we thought of unique wedding photos. 


tamara went above and beyond for this small wedding and we are so thankful!

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unique ceremonies

expressions of love

Intimate moments

exactly as they are

love love love

love is all you need

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