A little about me: I love my husband a lot, we were married in November of 2017! He's also my second shooter most often, he's a pretty great photographer too. I believe kindness is the most important thing there is and I try to act with kindness always. I dance a little like Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. My hair color changes fairly often. I'm also going to college for my BS in Psychology/Social Work. 

tamara: photographer

To give people tangible memories. To record intimate, messy, joyful moments. To help in any way I can; whether that's giving tips on the wedding day timeline, helping plan the outfits for a family shoot, finding the perfect location for an engagement...I'm here to help! Also, lots of corny jokes (trust me, that's part of my philosophy). 

The Philosophy

| Hot weather. I know, I don't know why I live in TX either 
| Peas. It's a texture thing
| Not having a plan, I'm big on plans 
| Shopping in a store, online shopping always
| Black coffee. I'm a wuss. :/ 


| The Office (I know this is a cliche, but it's also true)
| Wearing a lot of black 
| Netflix & Chill w/ my husband as often as possible
| Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. All animals. But mostly dogs. 
| Camping trips. Rilo Kiley being blasted in the car. Concerts. Cold weather. Fantasy & SciFi Books.